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           Swarovski crystal beads are manufactured in Wattens, Austria.  In 1895 one of the companies founders, Daniel Swarovski, set out to develop a machine that could cut and facet crystal to perfection. Not only did he reach this goal, but his machine was able to manufacture and cut crystal faster than any other attempts by men. With the exact mixture of raw materials such as quartz, sand, and precious materials, Daniel Swarovski produced crystal stones of the highest quality.

         Now for over 100 years, Swarovski has been the leading manufacture of fine crystal and crystal beads. Their products are used in many industries throughout the world such as medical instruments, lenses, and light reflection. The Swarovski name of course, is most famous for it's distribution of applied crystals and crystal beads throughout the fashion and jewelry industry. Swarovski crystal beads in the jewelry and craft industry are often referred to as 'austrian crystal' or 'austrian crystal beads.'


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Bi-Cones - 5301

Rounds - 5000

Cubes - 5601

Spacers - 5305, 5308

Pendants/Shapes - 5500, 6202

Fancy 5040, 5309


Pearls 5810

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